Youth Publishing Society


    This school’s youth publishing society (YPS) is an open and well-organized student club. Our main task is to edit students’ literary works. Our publication is specifically entitled “Yu-Tsai Street” in the hope of enhancing the students’ writing capability and cultivating the students’ ability of literary appreciation. It also aims at raising and strengthening the humanitarian spirit.

    With a history of over 50years, this club publishes an issue of the Yu-Tsai Street every semester. In the first half of the school year, the “Award of Yu-Tsai Literature” is held. In the second half, this club and another school, Taichung First Girl Senior High School, co-host the “TCFSH & TCGS Joint Literature Award” to promote the literary exchanges between two schools.

    Concerning the content of the publication, it is compared of their pants.

  1. Features: Club members are responsible for gathering information and writing introductory on profound articles on various issues.
  2. Interviews: Club members interview celebrities in different fields to acquire their success experience of others.
  3. Awards open to the students: We would like to students chances to hone their writing skills and to stimulate their creativity.

    The YPS is a garden where all the fellow students should work together with enthusiasm and show their gift to writing on the pages of the Yu-Tsai Street. We will definitely keep rolling on and on.