Choir Club


    Annie Laurie was founded in 1967 by a group of young students who loved singing and music. Under the guidance of Ms.Hsiao Bi-chu, the club managed to srive for success and honor.

    With the devotion and efforts made by former teachers and members, our club has been thriving over the past decades. Since our foundation, our team has been competitive throughout numerous contests, honored first place municipal, provincial or even in national contests.

    Over these years, we have been invited to make public performances by different social groups from all walks of life. During recent years, we have also put up a few presentation performances in cooperation with TCGSH, WHSH, and TCSSH. Under the guidance of our present instructors, we are now broadening our vision and striving for better opportunities to perform on stage.

    To pass on the torch of passion for music and singing, to spread out this contagious love for choir, we are always ready to present our best.