Harmonica Club


    The Harmonica Club was founded in 1978. Although we call each member a ‘harmonica wolf’, we never spend time alone as wolves do, because we are always working together to ensure that scheduled annual activities can proceed well. These activities include recitals that are held twice a year, intensive trainings in summer camp and winter camp, and participating in numerous music contests.

    In addition to winning music contests regularly, the Harmonica Club also receives good reviews when evaluated by the school panel in charge of extracurricular activities. The members in this club, regardless of the different grades they are from, respect one another and together they create a wonderful atmosphere.

    Although tiny in size, the harmonica is enormously expressive. The tune it plays can be merry or moody, tranquil or passionate. Besides, harmonicas of different pitch ranges can be arranged to form an ensemble. Bass and chord playing in sync, they weave music that is tremendously pleasant to listen to.

    We sincerely welcome you to join us. Come and enjoy the wonderful moment that can only be experienced in this “wolf pack”!