Classic Guitar Club


    On September 30th, 1992, a bunch of young people, including Chen, Hsin-hung, Liu, Shi-kai, and Chan, Chang-huei, with their passion for classic guitar, rallied a group of others who shared the same interest and formally founded the Taichung First Senior High School Classic Guitar Club and Classic Guitar Ensemble Group. In the initial stage right after the establishment, all the training and administrative affairs were in a state of uncertainty and in experience. Thanks to the instruction of Mr. Lin, Hung-da, the club affairs began to get on the right track. Up to now, it has headed from the thirteen into the fourteenth year, already a very feisty and prestigious club. Over the years, club activities and training programs have been held during summer and winter vacations of every year. Close connections and exchanges with other similar clubs around the country have also been made. Through mutual observation and interaction, the skills of this instrument are tremendously enhanced.

    With its rigorous efforts for the past fourteen years, this club has churned out quite a few outstanding classic guitarists and numerous lovers of guitar music in this central part of the island. It has also had a large loyal audience who are equipped with musical perception as will as cultivation. In promoting this type of guitar music, we have come to realize the charm of classic guitar and its indispensable part in our daily lives. Once you are exposed to this sort of music, you will never be able to do without it. It is our mission to sow the seeds of love for music.