Break Dancing Club


    The Break Dancing Club was founded in 2000 by a group of students who were fond of Hip-hop culture. The purpose of the club is to spread the Hip-hop culture and to enjoy the pleasure of dancing. The original name of the club was “CD Zone-Break Dancing Club in TCFSH.” In 2001 the members decided to change the name into “E.N.D- TCFSH Break Dancing Club.” The name E.N.D is an acronym of “Dance Never End” in a reversal order.

    “OLD school” is our current major style. On the performance, we mainly takes on the style of Poping & Locking. Besides, we dance Hip-hop, wave, breaking, and so on. We not only practice but also share experience with other dancing groups from other schools, and learn new skills from teachers in dance workshops. Now, our club keeps thriving with the members devotion of the members.

    With the efforts of many elders, our club is growing bigger and bigger. Until now, the members often win many dance contests, such as Chung-yo and DOD dance contest, central Taiwan Adidas cup, etc. We are also often invited to many performances to display our perfect dance skills, like 2005 The Golden Bell awards, school parties, the graduation performance of the dancing groups and dance studios, and so on. We also grow and learn our experiences from the performances and experiences. Whenever we dance, in a show or contest, we show our high excellence at dancing for Hip-hop culture. What motivates us to keep dancing is to see the audience immersed in our dance, join us dance to the music, and enjoy dance together.

    Our members would like to keep dancing on and on to entertain people as well as ourselves and to convey our pleasure in dancing to everyone.