Bridge Club


    About a thousand years ago, an unknown Chinese invented the first card game. A thousand years later, Westerners changed the original cards into Poker Cards, and brought them back to China, with many new card games invented by Westerners. Among those games, the most sublime and intellectual one, is called “bridge.” Bridge is different from those traditional Chinese games, such as Go, Chinese chess, or mahjong, because it is a game between two pairs of players. Besides, bridge not only emphasizes the ability of logical deduction, but also includes psychological strategies, and communication between two partners.

    Bridge also differs from other poker games, as it is far from the inflexible impression of poker games to the crowd--“gambling.” Bridge also puts more emphasis on the abilities of memorizing and reasoning than other poker games.

    The TCFSH Bridge Club is founded in 2004, on the purpose to make students know, get exposed to, and become interested in learning the excellent recreational activity. In less than two years, the TCFSH Bridge Club has developed into a large-scaled club. We have popularized bridge at school, and we have brought up schoolmates from basic level to advanced level. We often attend bridge competitions held by other organizations, and have become trophied, winning many prizes for school. We also held a nationally invitational bridge contest annually, inviting students’ bridge teams from the entire nation come together and learn from each other. Next, the TCFSH Bridge Club will insist on the concept of “going on for ever,” and keep popularizing bridge, exposing more and more people to this beneficial activity!!