KFC Club


    Our club is called “TCFSH KFC” (Taichung Senior High School).Founded in 1988; it was first named “Fire Fox KFC”. After four years’ effort, the elders of 3rd and 5th stage redefined the goal for the future, which has been based on the management mode of college service. The club was re-organized by the 1st stage elders of the 2nd generation and was ever since given today’s title “TCFSH KFC”, Bobble Dragon as a spiritual symbol. As the club has stepped into a whole new era, the elders before 1992 were called 0 generation.

    With an annual aim of training members to acquire sound body and, excellent attainment and well-versed skills, the training course, examining courses, practicing courses and member selections have cultivated more than one hundred outstanding members. They are all playing important roles in various college clubs, volunteer organizations and department societies.

    1992(the 0 generation): Initiate the camping welcome party for new members. It is for the first time that overnight activity is held. The 0 stage president began to establish the base structure of Bobble Dragon KFC. And he was the club society’s initiator.

    1993(the 1st stage): Rename the institution is “TCFSH KFC”. Adopt Bobble Dragon as a spiritual symbol and renewed the organization procedure. Make great efforts in activity patterns and the redefinition of the administration structure.

    1994(the 2nd stage): First adopt “True Hero” as the club theme song. Create the club stamp, flag, uniform, banner, and be authorized to own an office by school. Compile the elders’ data.

    1995(the 3rd stage): Try hard to improve public relations, “TCFSH KFC” is known by many senior high clubs in Taiwan. Join in the National Chengchi University senior high Kan-Fu camp.

    1996(the 4th stage): The logo of “True Hero” formally emerged. First conduct the new pattern of training course. The alumni club formally established.

    1997(the 5th stage): The pattern of handing-over ceremony is determined. Alter the old mode of tea party, the scale is enlarged. Club anniversary first held. The New training course pattern is put forward.

    1998(the 6th stage): First Hold the camping welcome party on a story-based background. Edit the first song album for the club.

    After 1998, the club has been brought into a stage of its persistence and renovation. The spirit of persistence keeps going on as the future lies open ahead. Although every stage has its own style, the spirit and the earnestness that remain deep inside have never changed in the past 10 years. Under such faith along with the superb lead of the elders, TCFSH KFC steadily grows, soaring high towards a promising future.