Table Tennis Club


    Our main purpose of the establishment is to provide a place for all table tennis lovers to improve their skills and to exchange experiences with each other. In our club, we have a coach to teach and train us

    During our regular activities, our members can watch and learn about the style and technique of players all around the world. Also, knowledge about how to be a good athletic can be gained. We will break through from the old impression of sports club and develop the sportsmanship.

    The table tennis club was first established in the 59th anniversary of TCFSH(the year Mr.羅智仁was transferred here). Since the club was separated from school sport team, it has been established for 9 years. Now we have 9 organizers: President:簡志全 Vice-President:方毅 Public Relations1:陳建呈 Public Relations2:陳建宇 Instruction Management:黃馨毅 Secretary Amanuensis:陳家為 Activity Management 1:吳文富 Activity Management 2:黃弋丞 Financial Management:黃政凱 The web-site for TCFSH table tennis association:


Broad name:T.T.Club