Martial art club


    We appear un the school area of the downtown. Our bodies by leaps and bounds glanced in the playground. Tai-chi is our symbol. We are MAC(Martial art club). TCFSH MAC.

    The MAC was established by the first club leader in 2002 , the aim of the club is to spread Martial Arts, and provide TCFSH’s students a good and legal activity after school.

    The MAC is practicing Plum Boxing, which is the orthodox Chinese boxing of the Tasoism, and has the most tradition of Martial Arts. It’s one of the most famous four Chinese boxing. Also called Chinese boxing. It combines Yin, Yang and five elements, operating in the internal organs of the body. The instructor was taught by the master teacher. And he is the hundred and eighteen disciple. Now he is the coach of TCFSH.

    AS its title implies, the MAC’ s active in all kind of train, including basic practice, boxing, boarded floor movement, a set of actions, combat, weapons, etc. Besides regular classes, you can see us practicing in the playground after school.

    Since its establishment, the MAC has a short history of four years. Compared with other clubs, we are young and inexperienced, but with a strong resolve, the MAC has come all the way to the forth year.

    There’s still a long way, but under instructor’s leadership and the members’ hard work, the MAC will make their mark in the club history of TCFSH.