soccer clubb


    Along with the arrival of 2006 , the FIFA World Cup , held even four years , is coming again . The world is now full of the enthusiasm about soccer . This passion has now extended to Asia . After the 2002 World Cup ,Japan has a significant plan that they will host the 2050 World Cup and win the championship .

    With the tough daily practice and the attentive training of the coaches , every member can acquire the forward’s fast breakthrough scoring skill , the midfield’s precise passing art and the back’s defensive technique . We do not only train the soccer knack of the members , but also cultivate each member’s leadership and the ability of chalking out activities .

    Presently , the scale of our club has been progressing . With the infinite zeal for soccer , we will reveal our handsomeness on the field and bring more strength for everyone .

    n the future , we hope that we could promote soccer to more high school students , in order to transform the desert of soccer into an oasis here in Taiwan . With the remarkable achievement and various abilities , we will invite much more junior schoolmates to join our club .