Chinese Chess Club


     Shiang-Chi, or Chinese Chess, is an extremely popular game in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is currently played by tens of millions in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Shiang-Chi has kept its present form for centuries.

     Literally, 象【xiang】棋【qi】means to Elephant Game. In Mandarin it is written as either Xiangqi, or Shiang-Chi. The name Xiangqi has an interesting origin. Of China’s four traditional arts-琴qin(music),棋qi(strategy games),書shu(calligraphy),畫hua(brush painting)-the second term, qi, provides the final syllable of Shiang-Chi.

     Shiang-Chi sets are such a bargain, consisting of a paper board or flat wooden counters inscribed with red and black pictograms. These games may appear strange to the Western eye, but can easily be recognized. After all, Shiang-Chi is part of traditional Chinese culture.

     Welcome to the Chinese Chess Club!