Network Technology Prospering


    With the network technology prospering, people have begun to make a variety of websites to introduce themselves, their class, or their clubs to the world. Sometimes they even shop or chat on the Internet. Although there are so many websites, good ones are few and far between. In view of this, Cyber Art Website Research Association was established in2002. The purpose of our association is to help our members make impressive websites.

    We attend Taiwan Schools Cyberfair held annually, which is an activity where we can introduce our surroundings by websites. The first year when the association was founded, we took part in this competition with our work entitled”100-year-old Taichung Park”. We formed a team to collect data and interview some people well-informed about the park. In the website making, we learned how to contact people as well as how to work as a team. Having striven for a few months, we won the record sliver medal in our school history.

    As for the teaching part of our association, we offer beginners from making simple websites to uploading data at the beginning. Next we teach them how to make attractive and useful websites. We employ software from Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash to PhotoImpact in our teaching, with a focus on using Flash and PhotoImpact to make websites, and that’s what we are good at. A succinct website is one of our main principles of teaching, and the collocation between the words and pictures is another, for they help users scan or download the information faster.

    That is what we are. Through websites, we make ourselves known to more people; through the Internet, we leave our indelible footprints.