Hand Puppet Research Club


    In the summer of 2001,a student called 劉彥均 thought that we might provide a place for some people who had a lot of interests in “Hand Puppet Shows”. So that we could discuss everything about puppet shows together.

    At first, our 1st president 劉彥均 invited 許祐謙 to teach us how to crave puppets ”simultaneously”. We also watched films and attended the celebration “Later”. We tried to learn how to manipulate puppets, and took part in “PILI School Service.”

    Now, we are in the 5th year. Our club president 洪千祐 has set up a club net in this summer vacation. In this year’s freshman orientation, we had an achievement in static exhibition and first performance. In the meanwhile , we usually have contact with many supportive associations in central Taiwan, and also help each others, participating in their activities. We also make a lot of friends from different places through the “PILI School Service”.

    In the future ,we will not only devote ourselves to craving and manipulating puppets, but we will also develop ourself in music and cosplay parts.