Dragon Scout


    Scouts troop turns the youth’s enthusiasm and energy into the power to serve people and society, and cultivates a healthy attitude toward life, which defines serving others as the purpose of life. We also make efforts to enrich our mind, to constantly help people in need, and to bring into full play the spirit of a devotee.

    Scouts troop is not merely an association but a quite large family. The creed that “Once a scout, forever a scout ” unites every scout together. The concern shown by members, new and old, makes us feel sweet and blissful.

    In fact, the scout’s activities encompass a wide range. It has no limit. In every scout’s activity, we can have fun, relax ourselves, admire nature, and enjoy life. Scouts skills are not useless knowledge found in books but practical know-how in daily life. When you are in danger, these skills can help you assist yourself, save yourself, or give a hand to others as well. These skills, such as making knots, emergency bandaging, signal communication, camping project, survival in the open, observation, discerning directions, estimation, making fire, cooking without tools, setting up a tent, etc, which are very useful. Those are not all! Scouts troop also has a lot of other activities, like singing, dancing, cheering, playing, group games, campfire, etc. During these activities, we make friends with everyone else, get a lot of enjoyment by working together, cultivate a sense of honor, and learn to be gregarious.

    Being a boy scout is a life education which emphasizes self-fulfillment. “Learn by doing and do while learning.” You must experience it for yourself; then you will be touched by the experience of joining in activities. Being a scout can satisfy one’s curiosity and desire and develop an ardent love for nature. A scout’s life is wonderful and lively. Joining in the scout troop will not only enrich one’s life but everyone else’s life.