Torch Ligh Club


    “Torch Light” was first established 20 years ago. The goal of our club, as shown in our club name, is to light up a hope for those who are in need. Despite the frequent indifference seen in our society, we do our best to promote the idea of caring for others in high schools and invite our fellow schoolmates to join us. Furthermore, we often take part in activities concerning social welfare.

Here are some of the activities we have for every school year.

  1. Holding summer and winter camps for children of remote area.
  2. Taking new members to visit various charity institutions and homes such as Creation Social Welfare Foundation(創世基金會) and participating in the activities held by the organizations.
  3. Placing receipt-collecting boxes in every classroom. Collecting them afterwards for the use of fund raising.
  4. Participating in fund-raising sales held by social welfare foundations with other senior high schools in central Taiwan twice a year.
  5. Assisting institutions such as Eden Social Welfare Organization in selling fund-raising cards.
  6. Pushing forward Chuen-huei Projects-No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Motorcycle Racing, and AIDS Prevention, etc.