Geographical Research Club


    TCFSH has been famous for its advanced natural science. This can be seen from the obvious difference between the numbers of the humanities and science classes. This also affects the feature of the clubs. Everyone knew that we had science clubs, physics clubs, biology club and so on, but there was just not one club set up for liberal arts. Because of this, many students who interested in this field didn’t have a space for them to do research and show their excellent talent. A saying goes, ”Life will find its way ”. Geographical Research Club was born on this background in 2005.

    We hope that every member can receive the best lecture and gain special knowledge in the club hours. Besides, we hold some researches in the fields and some interviews.

    In every winter or summer vacation, we also design many outdoor activities. Our aim is to travel around Taiwan.

    We hope that the ways of learning can be fresh and stimulating. We also hope to participate in various competitions, including short essays, Lai Hou education contest, Geography Olympiads and so on. There will be special hours to train our members, and every member will enjoy it very much.

    It’s special to be the first social science club in TCFSH. However we have a desire for learning social science and understanding the world. Geographical Research Club is not just an ordinary club; it is a place created to evoke the humanity of people in TCFSH.