Baseball Study Club


    We have nothing but an unquenchable enthusiasm for baseball! The Baseball Study Club in Taichung First Senior High was set up in the summer vacation in 2005. Taking safety and traffic into consideration, we made a decision that the club would be an academic one. However, nothing can cool off our passion for baseball. Though we are not allowed to play baseball in school, we rent a place and practice playing it on weekends. Some ask us, “What do you think you are doing? Winning championships in all competitions?" Of course not! Under heavy pressure of schoolwork, playing baseball grants us momentary escape from the fast-paced life. Meanwhile, with promising baseball players from Taiwan gaining fame abroad, the sport of baseball has become more and more popular recently. Most importantly, baseball represents the unbending spirit of Taiwan, which we cannot afford to lose. Hence, our very goal is to popularize the sport of baseball and to spread our love for it to every corner of the world.