Medical Association


    The Medical Association of Tai-chung First Senior High School was founded in 2001 by Yen-Ping Gon. Medical Association of Wenhua Senior High was founded at the same time. The aims of the association are to:

  1. Inspire enthusiasm in medical research;
  2. Share basic knowledge of medicine;
  3. Provide access to the latest knowledge of medicines; and
  4. Explore in the palace of human body’s unknown nature.

    As the association proceed its fifth year since the foundation, the principles are still hold to satisfy members’ eagerness for medical knowledge. To reach the most desired effect, each individual learning lesson provided by the association is carefully designed.

    Meanwhile, campaigns such as corpse experiencing, hospital tour, first-aid training and dissection observation are scheduled for members to show their medical expertise. By encouraging them to combine their knowledge with daily lives, we expect that all members are able to help people out and then enhance the spirit of medical.