Ten-lai Chinese classica l music club


    When you step into the world of Ten-lai, there’s definitely more than Chinese music!

    Ten-lai Chinese classical music club has been founded for thirty five years. It mainly consists of TCFSH students with interest and passion and partly alumni. The club works with a strict system, but without the rigid code between seniors and juniors. Ten-lai is not just an ordinary club; it is a big, warm family.

    The members usually practice during noon breaks and after school. In order to sharpen skills, each group regularly invites a teacher to give instruction and suggestion. Other times seniors play a role as not only leaders but instructors. Focusing on the basic skills is also a unique characteristic of Ten-lai.

    Whenever TCFSH holds a ceremony or a large activity, Ten-lai is never absent. The performance, we present our achievements and devotion. In addition, our alumni hold a concert every summer, which is not only an exceptional performance but also a symbol of the torch passed on from generation to generation.

    Besides practicing playing instrument, we often hold birthday parties, gatherings, feasts and so on to get closer to each other. We also hold summer and winter camps with other schools to meet more classical Chinese music devotees.

    Therefore, stepping into the world of Ten-lai, there’s more than Chinese classical music; It is a fantastic life that you’re going to get!