Academic Affairs Office


Section of teaching

  1. Enhance the guidance of entering college and provide all kinds of methods to help students reach their goal.
  2. Fully boost the education in arts and science.
    • Undertake literature contests and elite cultivating programs.
    • Enhance students’ English ability and encourage them to participate in English certifications.
    • Keep undertaking the education in second language.
    • Inspire the research potential of talented students in math and natural science.
  3. Advocate mutual-helping group to stimulate the motivation in studying.
  4. Enrich the resource classrooms of aborigines and undertake all the related activities.
  5. Coordinate with the new act in cultivating qualities of teachers and enhance the guidance of intern teachers.
    Section of examination
  1. Take charge of all the test business in school, including drawing up plans, putting the plans into practice, and improving what we need to enhance.
  2. Explore and improve the teaching assessment technologies.
    Section of registration
  1. dvocate the amendment of 「高級中學學生成績考查辦法」and put it into practice.
  2. Take charge of the business of diverse entrance to senior high school.(such as:high-achievement in math, science and language.)
  3. Keep putting the e-management policy into practice. .
  4. Abort the writing form of grade registering but advocate the online register system.
    Section of equipment
  1. Strive for more funding to expand the equipments for all subjects.
  2. Expand the equipments of scientific experiments and clubs with the support of National Board of Education.
  3. Assist the scientific clubs in hopes of cultivating their interests in learning basic natural science.
  4. Endeavor to conduct students to participate in scientific exhibitions, math and information competitions, and National Olympia competitions…etc for the glory of school.
  5. In order to promote students’ literacy in all fields and popularize the concept of general education, we invite the professors or scholars to give speeches in school on the weekend.
  6. Publish the journal of science.
  7. Offer special programs for scientific talents and encourage them to take part in all kinds of competitions.
    Section of special education
  1. Evaluate the plans of classes of high achievement to boost the teaching effectiveness in professional fields.
  2. Hold activities of art center and related performances to breath humanistic and artistic life into campus.
  3. Hold activities for high-achievers in summer or winter vocation to enhance their professional knowledge.
  4. Hold activities such as art exhibition or art exchanging in school or community.
  5. Endeavor to encourage students to take part in art contests and exhibitions for the glory of school.