Counselors’ office

  1. Hold the counseling council to draw up and carry out the counseling plans.
  2. Manage the personal files of every student, including personal privacy information, and grades.
  3. Provide individual consultation to help students better adapt the life in tcfsh and clear up the confusions.
  4. Provide group consultation to help students have better understanding about themselves, and learn how to get along well with others, as well as the way of settling problems.
  5. Undertake all kinds of psychological tests.
  6. Undertake the parent-education activities to enhance the relationship between parents and school.
  7. Coordinate with the new legislation of diverse entrance to colleges and academic credit measures and conduct students draw up proper plans of entering college.
  8. Held orientations for each subject to help students quickly adapt the new life in senior high school.
  9. Help inconspicuous students to review and meliorate their manners toward study and method of learning.
  10. Hold counseling activities of diverse entrance to colleges.
  11. Supervise Sexual equality, life education, and special education committees in proper progress to protect students’ rights.
  12. Hold career counseling activities to offer references for career plans.
  13. Expand the human resources in counseling and encourage faculty to adopt students who are in need of counseling.
  14. Hold case study conference to explored issues of students and bring up effective strategies to raise the quality of counseling.
  15. Carry out mental strengthening activities to train the faculty to be counseling volunteers and assist the business of counseling.
  16. There are three stories in the 明心館 – past , present, and future are the names of each story which means helping the students knowing themselves, getting to know the differences between different departments, and picturing blueprints about their future.