Student service


Section of student cultivation

  1. Enhance the educations in gentleman, arts as well as technology and adult.
  2. Enhance the activities of week sessions and class sessions and promote the access in communication.
  3. Assist operations of student clubs and help leaders to draw up plans for all kinds of activities and install them the democracy spirit and school ethic.
  4. Undertake forums to boost the cooperation and fellowship between teachers and parents.
  5. Enhance the support of school opening guidance, orientation of club leaders, teaching tours outside the school to lead students build up proper values in life and draw a blueprint about their future or career.
  6. Set up and install the diverse values in life and develop friendly campus.
  7. Actively undertake series of activities in spiritual reformations to arouse the thankful sentiments in students.
  8. Popularize the concept of integrating education to cultivate mature characteristics.
    Section of extracurricular activity
  1. Enhance the soundness of clubs and expands the club activities.
  2. Enhance the guidance of local literature and reward outstanding clubs.
  3. Boost the activities of scouts, promote the education and utilize the resources of the community so as to expand the characteristics of tcfsh.
    Section of student discipline
  1. Enhance the security education and protect the school safety.
  2. Enhance the democratic education and teach student to obey school regulations.
  3. Enhance moral education, and carry out the spiritual reformation.
  4. Keep teaching students to cherish the public property and cultivate the civic morality.
    Section of physical education
  1. Fully check and preserve the sports equipments and fields to prevent the accidents.
  2. Undertake all kinds of sport competitions in campus to cultivate proper sports manners and team spirits in students.
  3. Advocate healthy and sanitary habits and cultivate students’ interests in sport.
  4. Train and guide the school teams to foster talented students in sport.
  5. Popularize all kinds of sport in school, especially swimming, billiards, and table tennis.
    Section of health and sanitation
  1. Enhance the work of maintaining the neat and tidy campus.
  2. Enhance the education of maintaining the neat and tidy circumstance.
  3. Carry out the health-protecting education and undertake the first aid trainings.
  4. Enhance the hygienic examination of water and food.
  5. Put the recycling education into practice and enhance the measure of garbage classification.
  6. Enhance the healthy education and fully install the following concept – prevention is better than healing.